Thursday, June 12, 2008

In California

We landed safely in San Francisco yesterday, over an hour behind schedule and having not slept a wink on the flight. Turns out those new fancy planes that are supposed to be more comfortable really are less comfortable... at least in my opinion.

Oh well, it's been great to spend some time with Scott and Chris. Last night we had our first home-cooked meal in weeks; it was glorious to have a fresh salad.

Today Jim and I visited Chris' classroom in San Jose (She teaches 2nd grade for Teach for America) to experience her last day of school. The school is definitely different! Let me tell you I'm super thankful for air conditioning. It was HOT. I'm surprised students can concentrate in that climate. There are no hallways... well, it does, but they are outside. So is most of the cafeteria seating. I guess that's something that can happen in California, but not Colorado! We helped Chris clean up the classroom and check things off her EOY checklist. I should be an expert at this by now :) Hopefully there isn't too much left for her to do on Monday, just clean/organize her desk and closets.

We visited what Chris and Scott say is the "best bookstore ever"... it was a pretty neat used bookstore. Of course I ended up in the Children's section after not too long and got some more easy readers as I feel that my classroom library is lacking in a variety of those. I also got a few more Arthur books because you know I love Marc Brown :)

Tomorrow we are theoretically heading to the beach and to dinner before boarding our flight bound for Denver. Then, it's four CRAZY days of hard work getting our photography studio ready to open!! Our first "real" (not ambassador) senior session of the season is scheduled for Wednesday. Yes, we are crazy.

In reflection... I miss Hong Kong already. That's one place where, humidity aside, I could live. I still would rather live in Colorado though... there's no place like home!

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carolyn0609 said...

Well .. how about that. I didn't realize you flew home tonight. Not sure when I am heading up north for q/e but will let you know and can't wait to see your studio!

Love You! Mom