Sunday, June 15, 2008


Back home.

No money or property was stolen.

No identity was stolen.

No passports were lost.

No flights or buses were missed or canceled.

No bones were broken; no blood was shed.

Only one broken umbrella... that's what I call a great trip!

Thank you so much to Lynsie for taking us to DIA in the beginning and thank you to Jennifer for picking us up. Love you two! I have such awesome colleagues and friends.

Thank you to JJ for helping to get my order for School Specialty put through while I was overseas. You're awesome.

Thank you to Scott and Chris for putting us up in Sunnyvale, CA. Miss you guys already!

Thank you to Brandon for house sitting and making sure our three fluffy children (dogs and rabbit) were well fed, healthy, and safe.

Thank you to Claire for taking care of our photography business and answering calls while we were away.

Thank you to Shane for helping us continue to fix up the studio today in our mad rush to get it done by Wednesday in time for our first official senior portrait session of the season!

Thank you to Dad, Jane, and Chris for coming to help tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone else for reading along and caring! Hopefully we'll get to catch up on pictures soon, so keep checking back!

Trip Monetary Totals, for the curious:
Two Osprey Stratos 40 Backpacks: $300
Flights, International for two: $2,000
Flights, Domestic for two: $600
Hotel expenses for 13 nights: $650
Bus and misc. travel: $100-150ish (lost track of cabs/MTR)
Food, tours, admissions, and other misc. expenditures: $1,000ish
Food for the blog: Priceless ;)

Grand Total: somewhere around $4700
(two people, three countries, 19 days total)

We won't be able to go anywhere on another continent again for probably three years or so :) Next stop... Yosemite or Yellowstone or Rushmore or somewhere you can drive to!

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