Monday, June 2, 2008

Full Tummies in Hong Kong

Quick note: Please forgive any horrendous typos in any previous posts, the keyboards in these internet cafes are... lacking. And sticky.

After quite the interesting airport experience in Manila and some unwelcomed motion sickness, we landed safely in Hong Kong this afternoon.

The public transport here is as clean, easy, and efficient as I remembered. Getting to our hotel was almost toooo easy.

Our hotel room is... 'ow you say... musty? :) That's what we get for being cheap. The Imperial Hotel is undergoing rennovations, and I can definitely see why. I'm worried that my mold allergies might act up, we'll see!

After checking in, we only had to wander across the street to discover gorgeous Kowloon Park complete with aviary, waterfalls, and flamingo pond. We walked out to the bay at sunset and could see the Hong Kong waterfront as it started to light up. We'll post a picture later I hope- even in severe overcast it was quite beautiful.

We then headed to the Southern Indian restaurant that our Lonely Planet guide suggested. It was nearly impossible to find, but I've wanted southern Indian food since I was in southern India three years ago!! I like it so much better than northern Indian food, which is what we see a lot of in Colorado. We walked by the place three times at least before seeing the sign out in the road. Turns out you have to walk up this really shady staircase that seems to be residential. After two floors, we were facing the door with the sign above it, afraid to open it and expecting nobody else to have braved coming up.

We couldn't have been more wrong. It was packed! I've been chasing a dish called Behl Puri since I was in Chennai; you can't imagine my excitement when I saw it on the menu! Then, imagine my disappointment when the waitress told me they were out. OUT. ::pout::

Regardless, the food was DELICIOUS... thinking of you Amisha my darling! We ordered all of your favorites.

This posting brought to you by one torrential downpour and a really shady tailor shop slash internet cafe complete with virus infested computers that was nearly impossible to find. $2USD for 30 minutes as opposed to $1US for two hours in the Philippines... which is why there aren't any pictures yet. :) Maybe later!

We're tired (go figure)... so back to the moldy petri dish we go. :)

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