Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Hong Kong Museum of History

We learned all about the "Hong Kong Story" Wednesday afternoon. It was quite the treat. Wednesday is free admission day for all of the museums. The Hong Kong Museum of History focuses on Hong Kong's history beginning with the creation of the earth and continents all the way to modern times. We only allowed ourselves about 2-3 hours and we were definitely wishing for more, there is so much to learn!

The museum itself is very nicely done. It is modern, clean, well laid-out and high tech. I think I counted at least 8 different rooms screening videos in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English (the languages take turns). My favorite sections of course were the archaelogical ones with early human activity in the area as well as the cultural exhibit that explained the history behind many Chinese customs. I also learned a lot about how Hong Kong really suffered (as did the rest of the world) during the Japanese Occupation of World War II.

Our time came to a frantic close as we realized we had to get moving to the metro station to find our bus to Guilin (Yangshuo)!

I highly recommend visiting the museum if you ever get the chance. I hope to check out the science museum that is just across the way next Wednesday right before our flight to San Francisco!

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