Saturday, March 10, 2007

Safe in Sunnyvale

Just a quick post since we're really tired and we need to get up early to get to the redwoods!

A quick recap:

-stray kitties outside the hotel are cute
-stopped so Jim could see the Great Salt Lake
-stopped to make our salads at a rest stop and it turned out to be the Bonneville Salt Flats (beautiful, actually)
-Northern Nevada is beautiful. Very hilly and mountainous, not what I was expecting
-Good weather
-We got much better gas mileage since there wasn't much wind and California was all downhill
-Took ourselves on a tour of Reno. I got my shoes, and we got to see "the strip". It's cute.
-It was dark, but it was a trip to see a ski resort and then palm trees an hour later
-Scott's place is very new and nice. He says we're allowed to go into Google, I'm psyched!

So I love you all and never fear, we are safe and sound and content.

Sarah and (almost sleeping) Jim

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