Monday, March 12, 2007

Back from the Giants

Once again, we're really tired! This will be another quick post, but we are back at Scott's place safe and sound.

The redwoods were amazing and we had a great trip. It was eventful in the right ways and uneventful in the ways we'd like it to be as well. The only negative thing that happened is that Jim lost his sunglasses somewhere by the largest redwoods in Rockefeller forest, but there were plenty of fabulous things to outweigh that and they're an item that is easily replaced.

The "champion" tree is 362 feet tall. We got our picture with it, and as you'd expect it won't do it justice. After a while, though, you can't tell which ones are taller because they're all so tall that you can't see the tops of them.

The canopy of the trees is tall enough and thick enough that it locks in the moisture and keeps the sun out, so that it's always shady, humid, and cool. It was very comfortable but at the same time I had very unruly hair ;o) There was also quite a bit of condensation on the tent, and toilet paper becomes something more like a wet wipe. It is green everywhere, though, and since the trees need so much water (they don't have a tap root, all shallow roots and absorb moisture from the air) they're all right next to a beautiful blue river.

Scott is off to work at Google in the morning, and we're going to take the Cal Train into San Francisco and then go wherever the wind takes us. We want to find good sushi for lunch so our adventures may lead us to Japan Town at some point, and we want to see Alcatraz island one of these days. Other goals for the city include going on the water (the ferry to Alcatraz may cure this), crossing the Golden Gate Bridge just because I can, going to Pier 39, and a few other things I'm too tired to remember so I guess they aren't big goals. A few goals for California in general include finding an orchard so I can walk among orange trees and getting some fresh foods at a farmer's market, namely avacados and citrus.

Time for sleep so we aren't huge bums tomorrow :)

Sarah and (too tired to blog) Jim

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