Monday, May 26, 2008

Heading to Asia

It's been too long since we've gone anywhere of note! (Together, that is...) Jim and I are off to Asia. We'll be in the Philippines from May 28-June 2 and in Hong Kong from June 2-June 11. We're flying in and out of San Francisco because it's so much cheaper and we get to see friends, so we leave Colorado May 26th and return June 13th very very very late. (On the way out we lose a day due to the international date line.)

What are we doing when we get there? Good question. We have backpacks and Lonely Planet guides and some ideas of what would be cool, but other than one night's hotel booked in Manila... we're off to see where the wind takes us. I've always wanted to do a trip this way.

Stay tuned, we leave bright and early tomorrow morning!

Sarah and Jim


Erik said...

Have Fun!!! Look forward to seeing all your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Any bets on how long it takes them to post anything? Maybe when they return to Hong Kong....

Love you guys .. da mama

Tiny Meatball and Gus said...

Jim and Sara-

Blessings on your journey!!! I miss the world so much and I love hearing your random stories and seeing the pictures of the people and culture. May I say YAY to summers off and YAY to traveling. Keep the blogs coming and keep soaking up every minute of it!!!
Love ya!
Jen Chengery